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Talkative Parents is a safe, secure and easy to use app that allows
schools to communicate with parents about important issues real-time.

Features & Benefits


Communicate Effectively

Connect & communicate with parents of children studying in your school in a hassle free and secure environment.


Complete Privacy

Communication is highly secure and privacy is guaranteed. Only parents of children are on this network and have access to information.


Virtual Bulletin Board

With access to a digital bulletin board, you now have the undivided attention of parents and can ensure that information does not get lost or mis-communicated.


Deal with Tough Issues

Address problems and find solutions real-time, before it breaks out on social channels and creates issues for your school’s brand.


Targeted Conversations

Select from a range of options right from school-wide announcements down to messages to individual parents.


Next-level Teacher Connect

As a teacher, you can send focused messages to parents of children in your class to cover a range of topics including assignments, important information and progress updates.


Monitor your Brand

By being a part of real conversations with and between parents, you know where you truly stand and can take actions to ensure your brand continues to grow in reputation.


Truly Involved Education

Here’s a great chance for you to get truly involved with the students at your school. Be a part of conversations outside school including recreational activities, extra learning, projects, and sport.


Get a Competitive Edge

By leveraging cutting-edge mobile technology, you could send a strong message that your school is bold, innovative and one step ahead.

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Conversations are a part of life. Both positive and negative.
Join in these conversations and help define issues that truly matter.
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