FAQs For Schools

1. What is Talkative Parents?

Talkative Parents is an EdFinTech platform, which  connects educators, teachers, parents and students via one integrated platform.

2. What are the modules available on the Talkative Parents platform?

  • Communication Platform
  • Integrated E-learning 
  • AI driven Data Analytics
  • Student Admin Management 
  • Online School Fees Payments

3. What are the benefits of using the Talkative Parents platform?

  • One integrated school ecosystem with cross channel communication, e-learning, student admin system, data analytics and school fee payments
  • Controlled two-way communication between school and parents (i.e. entire school, class/section wise or particular parent)
  • Ability to send messages in the form of a mobile app notification, an e-mail and for non-smartphone users, an SMS with just one click
  • Low data consumption & access via even a low cost device

4. On the communication app, what sort of messages can the school send?

  • Unlimited noticeboard messages on the app for parents 
  • Attachments upto 2MB. (Timetables, homework, notices, book lists, pdf documents, video links, pictures etc)

5. What is the difference between Talkative Parents communication platform vs social media?

  • With Talkative Parents, the School is 100% in control of what is being communicated
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Parents’ mobile numbers/ profile pictures/ personal details cannot be viewed by other parents
  • Reduction in administrative burden of managing groups / lists of students
  • Ability to synchronize the school calendar with the personal calendar on the parents mobile phone

6. Is Talkative Parents communication platform available in languages other than English?

Yes. The school can communicate with parents in any language by typing messages on the school portal in the relevant language.

7. What are the benefits of the “pay your school fees feature”?

  • Use credit card/ debit cards to pay fees online  (Mastercard/ Visa) 
  • Integrated internet payment gateway 
  • Auto receipting for the parent 
  • Reporting/ Online Portal for easy reconciliation for the school 

8. What are the key features of the Data Analytics module?

  • Report cards/ performance details 
  • Charting and visualization 
  • Student performance / KPI flags 
  • Critical insights based on student past records

9. What are the benefits of the student admin management feature?

  • Comprehensive student record / profile management 
  • Easy access to students history 
  • Student academic data, extra-curricular/ sports activities, alumni information,  emergency contact details etc

10. How does the integrated LMS work?

  • The integration with Google Classroom provides teachers with easy to use, simple tools to conduct e-learning
  • The partnership enables teachers to leverage the powerful functionality offered by Google Classroom via the simplicity and familiarity of the Talkative Parents Platform
  • Talkative Parents EdTech platform is a member of the “Google for Education Integrated Solutions Initiative”

11. Is the data we provide safe?

Any information you share with us is completely confidential. We do not share any information with unauthorized third parties. You may view our Privacy Policy at https://talkativeparents.com/privacy-policy-2/

12. How can my school subscribe to the Talkative Parents EdTech platform?

You can call us on  +94 716 868 255 / +94 776 868 255 or email us at general@yaratechnologies.com

13. How can I become a part of the Talkative Community?

  • Subscribe to the Talkative Newsletter by emailing us on general@yaratechnologies.com  stating “Subscribe for Newsletter” on the subject line 
  • WhatsApp us on +94 71 6868 255 / +94 72 2828 255
  • Like via our social media pages on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn
  • Most importantly it is Free!

FAQs For Parents

1. Who can download the app?

Parents of students from schools that are registered with Talkative Parents.

2. How do I register my mobile number?

You may contact your school administrator and ask them to do so.

3. How do I install Talkative Parents?

You can search for Talkative Parents on the App Store / Play Store and click Install.

4. How do I get the One Time Password (OTP) when installing Talkative Parents?

A 6 digit OTP will be sent via SMS to the user’s registered mobile number.

5. Can anyone else see my personal details?

No. Only the school can view your details and messages. Information is not shared across the platform.

6. How do I contact the school via Talkative Parents?

You may use the Sounding Board feature inside the app, compose (+) a message by selecting the relevant school department from the dropdown menu, type your message and select “Send Message”.

7. How do I view school notices?

An instant alert/ notification would be sent to the parent’s smartphone and can be clicked to view the detailed message. The user may also open the app at any point in time to view the latest message on the Noticeboard.

8. How do I view a calendar event?

Calendar events are indicated by a dot on the date of the event. Select an event and you may view the detailed description with an option to sync the event to your personal phone calendar and set a reminder.

9. How can I pay school fees?

You can pay school fees online by clicking the “Pay school fees” icon, providing the relevant student details and thereafter entering debit/ credit card details.

10. Are the transactions secure?

All transactions take place via a secure and PCI certified internet payment gateway. The financial transaction takes place inside the Bank’s secure system and users would get emailed an automated receipt for the school fees payment.

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