Parenting just got easier

Get on board with the Talkative Parents app today, and open yourself to a world of possibilities. Stay connected with other parents, get access to important information, stay on top of your child’s academic life and help them connect with classmates and friends.

Stay on top of your child's school work.

There are times when your child falls sick, or misses school for some other reason. We thought it would be great to be able to connect with other parents of children in your child’s class to find out what he/she missed, assignments that are due, important announcements, etc. A great reason to GetTalkative!

Help your child develop hidden talents.

Children are amazing. They have so many hidden talents like singing, dancing, drama, handicraft, etc. All they need to really blossom is to find the right training environment that’s constructive, fun and safe. And who better to get advice from than the parents of their peers. GetTalkative, and get access to the right information to help your child find his/her place in this world.

Create travel arrangements that are dependable & safe.

Life can be tough. With the pressures of work, home and so much more, it can sometimes be a challenge to pick up and drop your child to school, tuition, extra-curricular classes, etc. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could connect with other parents and create an efficient, safe and reliable system to have them escort your child to and from these places, when required? GetTalkative.

Find the best doctors for your children.

One of the most scary times for a parent is when your child falls sick. It’s at this time that we look for advice on how to find a really great doctor whose not only the best at the job, but also one that’s truly wonderful with kids And who better to ask than another parent that’s been in the same situation before GetTalkative, and get access to critical information like this from parents that have learnt from experience.

Help your child excel at a sport.

Sport teaches our kids so many things. Health benefits, discipline, life skills really. Finding the right swimming camp, cricket coaching, soccer lessons, basketball groups, golf training etc. can be really hard. GetTalkative, and learn from other parents that have put their kids in a class that’s rewarding, challenging and tons of fun.

The opportunity to meet parents when you're the new kid on the block.

Change is pretty much the only constant these days. Families move to new cities, kids change schools or move to a new class with a different set of classmates every year, etc. Getting to meet parents of children that share a classroom with your child can be incredibly hard. With Talkative Parents, you have instant access to a great Parental Social Network.

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