1. What is Talkative Parents?

    TP is a first of its kind communication platform / mobile app totally dedicated to “Parents” of School going children and Schools worldwide, which enables a connection between all the stake holders of the schooling eco system. The need to launch this platform is to eliminate the current frivolous and unsecure platforms (whatsapp, Facebook, free email, sms etc) and connect parents and schools faculty to interact in a targeted, focused and secure manner.

  2. What makes Talkative Parents safe?

    We truly believe, apart from using the best technology in security and being a cloud based app, the most secure part of the application isthe fact that there is no interference from the outside world and it is not a mass social media. Our verification process is stringent and does not allow anyone to join the platform unless he/she has a code provided only by the schools.

  3. Where do I download Talkative Parents from?

    We only recommend you download the app from the itunes store for apple and palystore for google. Do not trust any other download links.

  4. Why should parents use Talkative Parents over other chat apps?

    Talkative parents is for parents and only parents, joining a group of your child’s class is easy and you don’t need any other parents contact details to be part of the group. No phone numbers are shared, no unnecessary or irrelevant messages, because as parents of the students of the same school, class and section, everything is related to only your child’s class.

  5. What does Talkative Parents cost?

    Talkative Parents is charged on a subscription model and the commercials will be shared with any school who is interested in subscribing and the costs are customized based on school to school needs..

  6. Why do I need to provide my mobile number and email id?

    Every user will be identified by his or her working mobile number, this helps in creating a unique identity for each user. An active email ID is required so that the Talkative team can contact you and verify you in the event you change your mobile number.

  7. Does someone need a smartphone to use Talkative Parents?

    Yes, a user needs an iOS and or android phone in order to use Talkative Parents.

  8. Can Talkative Parents messages be deleted?

    Yes peer to peer messages can be deleted from the app but group messages are a permanent feature. Atleast for one academic year.

  9. I am a student, can I use Talkative Parents?

    No, you certainly cannot, the application is for parents and schools only. Although with a parents consent, they may allow their child to chat with another child in the group only if the parent of the other child has given their consent as well.

  10. Can I use Talkative Parents internationally?

    Yes, you can, we are available in every country.

  11. Can we use Talkative Parents as an Emergency Alert System?

    Parents may use the app as an emergency alert system within their group through the group chat. The school can use the app by broadcasting emergency messages through the noticeboard feature.

  12. As a parent of two children, how can I use Talkative Parents for both my kids?

    A parent can add all their children on the application by simply tapping the add child tab in the application.

  13. My kids are in different schools in different cities, do I need to download the app twice?

    No you do not need to. The app is dynamic and can accept different schools, in different cities, in fact even different countries. Provided your school has subscribed to our service.

  14. What if I am the only parent in the group on Talkative Parents?

    This would mean currently you are the only parent who has the app from your child’s class. You can do your part and spread the word and ask the parents in your child’s class who you know to download the app.

  15. Will I be able to delete my account?

    Your account, will be active for one academic year from the time you register, post that at the end of every academic year the accounts are auto renewed to allow parents to update their child’s class information.

  1. What is a SMS code?

    The SMS code is a 6 digit code (passkey) to verify you as a genuine user, with an active mobile number.

  2. How will I be automatically sorted into groups?

    You will be automatically sorted based on the data entered when you register your child and will be deployed into the group you belong to.

  3. Why do I need to provide a mobile number?

    You need to provide an active mobile number as that will become your unique identity number on Talkative Parents.

  4. Does schools sending notices cost money?

    Yes this is included in the subscription fees the school pays to use TP service.

  5. Are there any differences between carriers?

    No, irrespective of which carrier you are on, Talkative Parents will work based on your network plan.

  6. How long will my registered Talkative Parents phone number work for?

    The number will work for as long as you are actively using the SIM card in the device with the app.

  7. How do I use Talkative Parents on my tablet?

    You can download Talkative Parents on your tablet from the respective app store and enter your registered mobile number on it, you will get a verification code on the device with the number.

  8. Do I need to re-register when I use the app on the tablet?

    No, if you are already registered on entering your mobile number and verification code the app will automatically sync with your mobile phone and automatically populate.

  9. How does peer to peer work?

    Peer to peer is one on one chats with parents from the same class as your child. These parents can be found in your contacts and on initiating a chat they will show in the chat tab.

  10. What should I do if I want another parents contact details?

    The app does not share any personal contact information of other parents. You can initiate a peer to peer chat with the parent you want to contact and request them for any details you require in order to contact them.

  1. How is my information used in order for Talkative Parents to operate the service?

    Your information is used to verify you as a genuine user and to make sure all communication shared with you is relevant.

  2. Can other users see my personal contact details?

    No, they cannot. They can only see your name and father/mother/guardian of “child’s name”.

  3. Who will see my phone number?

    Nobody will see your number other than the Talkative backend team and that too only if you are reported.

  4. Where can I find your Privacy Policy?

    You can find the policy in the about page on the app.

  5. Where can I find your Terms of Service?

    You can find the Terms of Service in the about page on the app.

  1. How does the school create an online school account?

    The school can get in touch with our team or ideally visit www.gettalkative.com and click the login button. You will find a register school option in the login page, simply fill in the details in the form and we will verify and add your school. Make sure you fill up all details.

  2. How does the school get a sign in ID and password?

    Once a school registers, the talkative team will verify the school and create a login ID and password. This will be shared with the principal of the school through the contact details provided.

  3. How is verification done?

    The Talkative team has a three step verification, a call will be made to the school, the school will be identified online and an email will be sent. This will conclude our verification process.

  4. How long before our school is given access?

    The verification process should be completed within 2 working days from registration.

  5. How often can the school send notices?

    A school can send notices as often as it feels necessary.

  6. Who can the school send notices to?

    The school can send notices to the parents of the entire school, particular classes and all sections and or even to particular class and particular sections of that school and or even a particular parent if required.

  7. Can the school attach documents or pictures in the notice?

    Yes, the school can.

  8. How can the school get all parents in our school on the app?

    The school can simplify its existing parent notice process by sending a notice in its existing system to the parents asking them to download the app. The talkative team has a template you could use that can be found here.

  9. Where do the notices the school send go on the app?

    The app contains a feature called the Noticeboard, dedicated to containing all the notices sent by the school.

  10. How long does it take for parents to receive the notices sent from the site?

    Parents who are within data coverage area and have their mobile data on, will receive the notice immediately.

  11. How does the school see notices sent in the past?

    The school can see the past notices sent in the outbox tab on their web dashboard.

  12. Can we delete a message already sent?

    Once a message is sent, the message cannot be terminated, if it was sent in error a follow up message can be sent requesting parents to ignore the previous message.

  13. Will parents see all past notices history when they join?

    No, they will only see notices sent post their date of joining the app.

  14. Can the school Talkative Parents account have multiple administrators (teachers)?

    Yes they can… a request needs to be sent to TP admins and we will get it done.

  1. How will parents be notified?

    Parents of children in your school who are on Talkative Parents will receive the notices the school sends in the Noticeboard feature in the app.

  2. How does the school create a notice?

    We have created a simple interface for schools to use, just like typing out an email with recipients listed on the side (entire school, classes and sections). Simply choose ‘compose’ and select the recipients, type out the message, attach files if necessary and send.

  3. Can the school send a picture, document or PDF with the Talkative Parents notice?

    Yes, the school can.

  4. How does the school attach files to the message?

    Just click on the attach icon below the text box in the compose page.

  5. How does the school select who receives the notice?

    The school can select through a drop down menu and This will let the school choose who receives the notice.

  6. Can the school send notices to only particular class?

    The school can send messages, to parents of the entire school, or a particular class/classes and even particular sections of particular classes or a particular parent also if necessary.

  7. Can new subscribers see past messages?

    No, parents who have recently subscribed to the Talkative Parents application will only see messages post the date they have joined.

  8. Will a parent with children in multiple classes receive duplicate messages?

    Yes, if that class and section has been chosen to receive the notice.

  9. How do parents know a message is from the school?

    The message forms part of the Noticeboard feature, with the Schools name and the class and section that the parent’s child studies in.

  10. Can parents respond to the notice?

    No, the noticeboard is a one way feature. Only the school can send notices, the parents cannot reply to the message. Although the school can provide a way for parents to reply off the app.

  11. Can the school message individual parents?


  12. Can the school sign in to the school log in on a mobile device?

    Yes they can. Our website is a mobile friendly responsive design page… so it could be used on a handheld device also.

  13. Can the school send the same notice again?

    The school is not restricted on how many notices they can send, this is the responsibility of the school.

  14. Is there a max character count?

    There is no max character count, although the school should remember no one likes to read long notices.

  15. How does the school know when new features (like the payment gateway) are added to the school dashboard?

    We will keep the school posted via its contact details when new features, options and updates are available to further help the school maximize the use of our technology services.

  1. Can the school update its information?

    Yes, the school can from the settings tab on the web dashboard.

  2. Does the school need to sign up every year or can we use the same account?

    The school can continue to use the same account for as long as it chooses to.

  3. Can the school see its notice history?

    The school can see notices sent in the past by clicking on the outbox feature in the dashboard.

  4. Can the school share an account with another teacher?

    Yes, the school can share an account with teachers, although this is the responsibility of the school management to make sure this is not misused in any way.

  5. What if the school wants to opt out of this service?

    The school can contact the Talkative Team and request to opt out. We would miss you along with all the parents on the app.

  1. How is Talkative Parents different from regular apps with group chat?

    Talkative Parents is a communication app, it is targeted, secure and does not share any user contact information. Parents can communicate automatically with other parents of children in their child’s class and do much more through the app.

  2. How can I add my child? Can I add my second child?

    You can add a child by going to the Add Child button on the Dashboard/Main menu. You can add as many as 3 children per app download.

  3. What if someone is not part of my child’s class but is on group?

    You can choose to report that person, hence it is also advisable to always be truthful on the app because other parents will be protective of their groups.

  4. Does the Talkative Parents App link with my existing contacts?

    The application has nothing to do with your existing contacts and has a separate contact list of parents that in no way merges or has anything to do with your default phone contacts.

  5. What happens when I report someone?

    Once we get a report message from you, a background check is done on the said person, if the person has proven to be fake, intruding, obscene or otherwise using foul language, a warning will be sent or he/she will be deleted from Talkative Parents depending on the severity of the report.

  6. Can I use Talkative Parents on my tablet as well?

    Yes, you can. Although each user can only register once with the same mobile number. The validation code will be sent to your registered mobile number.

  7. Is Talkative Parents cloud based?

    Talkative Parents is cloud based, fast and encrypted. Using the latest technologies available to make sure that every user is automatically sorted in the group of their child and each user is identified by their unique mobile number.

  8. Can I delete messages?

    Yes, you can delete peer to peer messages, but group chat for that class is a permanent feature.

  9. Can I update my child’s class details before the end of the academic year?

    In the event you change cities, schools or even countries, you can update your child’s new school on the app. Every year, you will be required to update your child’s details in order for you to stay up to date with who you are connected with.

  10. Is there a shortcut to go back to the app dashboard?

    Yes, just tap the Talkative logo on the top right hand side of your screen.

  11. What does “secured by parents” mean?

    We truly believe, apart from using the best technology in security the most secure part of the application in that it is for parents, who are the most secure group. Any intruder, abusive user or user who does not belong can be easily reported and we will act on your report immediately.

  12. We changed cities/countries how do we get on to the new school?

    You can delete your existing account and then add a child with the new school code (provided by the school) and you will automatically become a part of the new school.

  13. What is a 6 digit verification code, why do I need to enter it?

    The six digit verification code is sent to the mobile number you have entered, you need to enter it to make sure you intentionally chose to register with Talkative Parents.

  14. As a parent, can I sign into Talkative Parents online / on my computer?

    We are working hard to create a desktop version so that parents can seamlessly sync their discussions between their mobile, tablet and desktop, this should be available shortly.

  15. How do I know when new features are active on the app?

    When a new feature is active on your app you will be notified by the Talkative team via message or a notice.

  16. Can both the parents register and be part of the group on different devices?

    Yes, both parents can be part of the group.

  17. Why am I getting a mail saying I’ve been reported?

    If you have received a mail saying you have been reported, a user in your group has reported you, for abusive language or of they feel you are NOT a parent. The Talkative team is trying to verify the report and you.

  18. How do I get in touch with the Talkative team?

    You can always get in touch with us by email support@talkativeparents.com or you can find other options of contacting us by clicking here.

  19. What devices can I download the app on?

    You can download the app on android, apple mobile devices and tablets.

  20. How do I register and use Talkative Parents on a tablet?

    You can download Talkative Parents from the respective app store of your tablet and register. If you are an existing user then on entering your registered mobile number and the verification code (that would be sent to the registered mobile number) the app will automatically populate and sync with your mobile phone Talkative Parents App.

  21. What if I change my mobile number?

    If you change your mobile number you will be required to re-register on Talkative Parents, you could also email us and we can update your new mobile number after verifying your email ID and other details.

  22. What if I change devices and have the same mobile number?

    If you change devices you will have to download the app again, and simply enter your registered mobile number, all your details will automatically update on the app.

  23. My child is in a school in another country can I still be part of the school and class group?

    Yes you can.

  24. What would happen if I get tempted to register my child in the wrong class just to see what the parents are chatting in that group?

    No you cannot do that.

  25. I received a “You have been reported, a user in your group has reported you!” email.

    You have been reported and we are writing to you asking you to explain the reasons for what you have been reported, we request you to reply with the truth or we will be forced to block you and you will not be able to use Talkative Parents. In the event of more serious lacking from the reported person legal action might also be pursued.

  1. How can I see who sends me messages on group?

    Every message contains the parent’s name. Every contact shows who the parent is a father/mother/guardian of “child’s name”.

  2. How do I start a peer to peer chat?

    Simply choose a contact in your contacts tab.

  3. Can I delete messages?

    You can delete messages, but you cannot delete anything in the group chat.

  4. How do I find school notices?

    You can find the school notices by tapping the Noticeboard tab.

  5. Can I change my display picture?

    You can change your display picture by sliding out the menu from the left and tapping on profile.

  6. Can I see contact details of other parents on the app?

    No, you can only see the contacts name, picture and his/her child’s name.

  7. How do I know which child’s parent are in my contacts when I have two kids?

    In the event of having two children the chat, noticeboard and contacts are separated and demarcated by having the class and section of each child.

  8. Can I reply to school notices?

    No, you cannot, not directly from the app. The Noticeboard feature is a one way feature, school to you.

  9. I just joined but can’t see any messages.

    There may be a chance that you are currently the only parent in that group (among the parents in your child’s class). If you already have contacts in the app, then start messaging say Hi! to everyone.

  10. Can I create my own groups?

    No, you cannot.

  1. I’m not receiving Talkative Parents messages.

    Please check that your mobile data connection is on and that you are in coverage area.

  2. Why did my whole group receive a message I sent to an individual parent?

    This is not an app feature, there may be a chance you selected the group instead of a particular user.

  3. I am getting messages from someone I don’t know.

    You can be assured that your contacts are ONLY parents of your child’s classmates, so request the person to introduce themselves, if you are sure they are not part of the group please report the user.

  4. How are my chats sorted for each child?

    Your chats are segregated between each child’s class and on selecting the preferred child’s class you will find that class’s group chat and peer to peer chats.

  5. Do I get notified when a new user joins the group?

    Yes, every time a new user joins your group you are intimated of the same.

  1. What is a sounding board?

    A unique feature in TP (very similar to a discussion wall of facebook)that allows every parent to directly reach out to the school teachers or staff to get every query or concerns addressed real time and fast. And while the chat features allows parents to connect with other parents from their childs class and section at a micro level the Sounding board lets parents connect with other parents from the entire school at a macro level.

  2. Can I send attachments to others on SB?

  3. Can schools send attachments to me on SB?

  4. What kind of attachments can I send or receive on SB?

  5. Is there a limit to the number of characters I can type in one message on SB?

  6. Is there a limit to the number of posts on SB?

  7. Can I tag anyone from the group on SB?

  8. What is private and public sounding board?

  9. Can I add any number of admins / depts. Heads for SB from my school?

  10. Can I like a post on SB and reply to that post?

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